William Stevens Bridge, North Carolina

"The best thing a human can do in life is to get rid of his separateness or selfness and hand himself over to the nature of things—to this mysterious thing called the Universal Order, that any artist must sense...In human nature we are consciously trying to achieve an order. And we are distressed by it, by the task of patterning it on an Order that is not personal or human—that is what I call spiritual." - Will Stevens

photos by David John

While driving through the mountains of Western North Carolina last week, I discovered this incredible modernist bridge structure that lead to a pottery store.  On the front of the bridge, a large sign read, Will Henry Stevens Bridge. The sun's afternoon intensity cast incredible geometric shadows on the interior of the bridge floor.  The bridge was originally built in 1807 in New Hampshire, and then later brought to North Carolina where it was restored.  This bridge has no metal supports, and is a testament to craft, natural materials, and vision. Named after Will Henry Stevens, a modernist painter and naturalist, who was influenced by the works of  Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Walt Whitman. - David John


If he tells me all he knows 'bout the way his river flows
And all night shows 
In summertime. 

Gonna see the river man 
Gonna tell him all I can 'bout the ban 
On feeling free.- Nick Drake

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