(new) Textiles & (old) Paintings

Separate or combine 
I ask you one last time 
Did I hold you too tight?
Did I not let enough light in? (here)

1. "A new collection of fabrics inspired by the mystery of Istanbul and Anatolia was unveiled by New York-based Zak+Fox at the start of October. Simply entitled Haz, the Turkish word for ‘enchantment’, the latest collection examines Ottoman-era embroidery, Central Asian carpet patterns, and renders tradition through a modernist’s lens. 

The collection includes four new patterns, that will be available in a variety of colorways: ‘Khotan’ adopts its name from the style of rug that inspired it, creating a stunning rendition that exemplifies the look, and spirit, of an exquisite antique rug. To accompany the structured composition of ‘Khotan’ is ‘Pom’, a small-scale print that revels in its simplicity. Its dancing pomegranate motif was discovered on a century-old carpet, though its real beauty rests in its minimalistic form. ‘Pom’ is Zak+Fox’s first print to ever feature a border, which runs on both sides down the length of the fabric, making it an ideal match for drapery."

"Fiene was known primarily for his varied printed works, including lithographs and etchings. 
His notable work includes cityscapes, views of New York City 
in particular, landscapes and other figural art."

2. Ernest Fiene (American, 1894-1965) 
Untitled, 1923 Oil on canvas (framed) 
Signed and dated 24" x 20" ,Provenance: Private Collection, New York  
Auction Date: Sat, November 16, 10:00AM  Estimate: $800 - $1,200  (via RAGO here)