"A tout à l'heure: chasing the light in reverse"
"a voided sense of home: the large-scale sculptures render negative space into solid form, and the prosaic into something fantastically disquieting."

"Counting threes, counting fives 
See the beaucoup view and the merry go rounding 
Spin your arms, spin your eyes 
êtes vous ma fleuri, ever carefully breezing"  (bibio)

1.  There are moments that crystallize before you if you are still long enough. Forms and shapes begin to shift in front of your eyes; if you only take the time to reach into space, into a void, and create, to touch emptiness, you'll see.  In a few weeks, I'll be off to New York for work to style the interiors for the winter catalogs for a company, (we'll be shooting in the home above.)  It's a project that I've worked on for the past year, and it has informed my interiors work in countless ways, allowing me to see space, and rooms in a very different way.  If you are in New York, reach out! Hopefully I'll be jumping on the train to visit new friends in upstate New York including Fern's new store, and others. Drop me a line.  In addition, our company, DISC Interiors, has projects that are soon to be photographed, including a project we are working on for this year's Dwell on Design that will be open to the public June 21-23 at the LA Convention Center, and a wine tasting room up in Northern California, near Russian River. More to come. - David John

2. "Rachel Whiteread’s sculpture is predicated on casting procedures, and the traces left on the sacrificial objects and spaces from which the final inverse form is derived. She casts from everyday objects as well as from the space beneath or around furniture and architecture, using single materials such as rubber, dental plaster, and resin to record every nuance.  Detached 1, Detached 2, and Detached 3 (2012) render the empty interior of a garden shed in concrete and steel. Cast from generic wooden sheds, the large-scale sculptures render negative space into solid form, and the prosaic into something fantastically disquieting.  The sheds recall the monolithic architectural and site-specific works for which Whiteread first became renowned, such as Ghost (1990) and House (1993) and, most recently, the imposing concrete sculpture Boathouse (2010), installed on the water’s edge in the remote Nordic landscape of Røykenviken." via Gagosian

via Gagosian