Crossing Mediums:  
A Conversation with Christopher Farr & David Weeks
moderated by Michael Boyd

"Inspired by artists like Diebenkorn and Giacometti, 
the Onda rug designed by David Weeks is designed to defy flat space and shape a room." 

Friday: March 22, 2013  at 11 A.M.
Christopher Farr: 748 North La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, California 90069
please RSVP to

This upcoming Friday at Christopher Farr's showroom in the heart of the design district, Christopher Farr & David Weeks will be having a conversation about their studio practices & discussing their distinct work that crosses and blurs the boundaries of contemporary art and design.  This is the perfect chance to see in person the newly launched David Weeks collection on the West Coast. Christopher Farr is widely known for collaborating with iconic artists and designers, Gunta Stolzl, Kate Blee, Gary Hume, Sarah Morris, Georgina Von Etzdorf, Andrée Putman, John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin to name a few.  This recent collaboration is a continuation of his desire to collaborate with designers, exploring forms and colors that challenge notion of contemporary rug design.  - David John 

above image Onda - Grey by David Weeks  
"Inspired by artists like Diebenkorn and Giacometti, the Onda rug is designed to defy flat space and shape a room. Using Weeks’ subtle mastery of curves, the rug is richly layered to evoke depth.

 "The success of making historic designs is dependent on our understanding of the essence of the art you're working with. The process is basically a series of questions and sampling till it feels close to the spirit of the artist. I try to imagine myself in dialogue with the artist. 

It's a slow and painstaking business but deeply satisfying."  - Christopher Farr  

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