"It's just the darkness, don't make your feelings too complex 
It's just a one man, you have the love light in you 
It's just the beginning, it'll be comin' around again." - winterheart

I wanna find the eagle's nest, Oh take me with you, (Oh oh...) 
And I've been waiting a lifetime for this, And I'm ready, (Oh oh...)

1. NeoNatural  November 17 - December 15, 2012

"Steve Turner Contemporary is pleased to present NeoNatural featuring the work of Claude Collins-Stracensky (Los Angeles); Gustavo Godoy (Los Angeles); Eben Goff (Los Angeles); Ethan Greenbaum (Brooklyn); Edgar Orlaineta (Mexico City) and Letha Wilson (Brooklyn). NeoNatural is curated by Doug Crocco.  For these six artists who live in the most populated cities in North America (Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City), nature is often contained and regulated by man. NeoNatural, while incorporating elements from nature, also reflects nature as it has been altered by urban existence."  more info here

2.  A Wilhelm Kåge 'Farsta' stoneware vase, Gustavsberg Studio 1955 : Bukowski's Auction: Modern Autumn Sale, Stockholm 569 Lot  884.