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"To realize their vision, they turned to David John and Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors; a newish firm that's quietly making its mark on the design scene with their clean yet classic interiors. For this 1,000-square-foot Sonoma Valley loft, a renovation of a onetime commercial office space, David John and Krista Schrock employed a neutral, quiet palette with textural accents like cork, reclaimed wood, and seagrass carpet." - Sarah, (read more here)


We spent part of last summer designing a modern loft space that would blend beautifully into the wine country.  We worked with a local cabinet maker, and sourced some amazing leather bar stools from Lawson and Fenning for the reclaimed butcher block island.  Thank you Remodelista for such kind words about this latest project up in Northern California, near Sonoma!  - David John

"A long custom shelf runs the entire length of the kitchen. "The shelf is perfect for wine glasses and ease of living. Over time, I'm sure this kitchen will be full of wine bottles and some good wine stains." The owner is a partner in a boutique winery specializing in "intense terroir-driven zinfandels" from the Russian River and outlying areas. (more here)

"David John and Schrock opened up the ceilings and painted it the same color as the walls, creating a loft-like, airy feel. In a nod to the surrounding wine country, they used cork for the kitchen flooring."

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