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the artist
the interior designer

“If a painter could by a single transformation take a three dimensional still life and paint it on a canvas into a natura morta, could it be possible for the architect to take the natura morta of a painting and, by a single transformation, build it into a still life?

(spärs) adj. spars·er, spars·est
"Occurring, growing, or settled at widely spaced intervals; not thick or dense."

1. Wall House II, 1970's. "I believe in the social contract therefore I teach. I believe that the University is one of the last places that protects and preserves freedom, therefore teaching is also a socio/political act, among other things. I believe in books and the written word, therefore I fabricate works with the hope that they will be recorded in books. I am pragmatic and believe in keeping records. I believe to record is to bear witness. The book I wrote, Victims is to bear witness and to remember. I believe in the density of the sparse. I believe in place and the spirit of place." - John Hedjuk, architect

Davide Balula: The Buried Works: April 21st to June 16th 2012 Galerie Frank Elbaz "...the artist modifies the architecture of the gallery and installs an incubator for the creation of new paintings, a vivarium where canvases are naturally picking up pigmentation underground. The installation is composed of several tons of dirt, water, custom wood flooring, and blank canvases buried under the floor of the gallery. At the end of the exhibition, the paintings will be unearthed via customized trap doors. They will then be stretched, framed and dispersed into the world. A version of the exhibition as a one-night dinner will be served within the installation, consisting of cooked and raw ingredients based on edible dirt, roots and other seasonal produce. photo by Zarko Vijatovic

3. Unknown interior for an unknown family