a studio visit with
Stephen Kenn, L.A. designer

I spent this morning with Stephen Kenn drinking Handsome coffee (L.A.'s finest) while talking about Stephen's collection of interior inspired works at his home / showroom / cafe in a warehouse space in downtown Los Angeles. Stephen, who once designed fashion is now reflecting on art, object making, and furniture. At an accelerating rate, designers are launching companies with items produced locally in this city.

Stephen mentioned Max Lamb, and design icons VITRA as models of inspiration. He is attracted towards work that speaks of a story. It's also extremely important to Stephen that his products are made locally. His Inheritance Collection is from repurposed materials combined with a modern, comfortable design that is conducive to community and conversation. If you are in L.A., I suggest dropping by, drinking some coffee, and having old fashioned conversation. Get in touch. - David John

The Inheritance Collection is designed, sourced & crafted in L.A.
1250 Long Beach Ave Suite 120 Los Angeles, CA 90021

(Thanks Stephen and Bek for being so generous with your time....)