a room by Shelton, Mindel & Associates
Robert Ryman's
paradoxically “realist” paintings

"White actually means taking away, eliminating. It’s not the case of painting white paintings. It’s a question of using white pigment. Of course, I use it differently today because the issues have continued to develop. I never thought that there should be a lot of things in a painting that don’t necessarily belong there. After all I didn’t simply make a decoration or paint an accumulation of things in order to see what works well.

My main concern was to develop the structure of the paintings so that it contains the essentials and everything superfluous is eliminated…the composition extends to the wall and becomes a part of the wall… when you take my paintings off the wall, they don’t exist anymore.

The painting needs a wall in order to exist. Otherwise it makes no sense."

- Robert Ryman, taken from here.

Interior space by Shelton, Mindel, and Associates