Tonight's event is full! Hope you reserved a spot for de Lab's latest design excursion! Tonight, Daniel Ostroff curator & editor is giving us a guided tour. Directly after, we will be getting boozed up across the street, at street, feverishly getting drunk on cocktails. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night! Cheers.

"de LaB (dee-lab) unites Los Angeles creatives in efforts to improve and engage the city with events that are one part education, one part inspiration, and one part libation."

"Our next de LaB ducks into the showroom of legendary furniture dealer JF Chen for their latest show, Collecting Eames. The show features 425 products designed by Charles and Ray Eames, making it the largest and most diverse gathering of Eames objects in the U.S. In addition to the pieces of furniture for which the duo was best known, the show also includes rare posters, toys, and graphics, and extremely unique pieces like an Eames-designed tube radio.
Our tour will be guided by curator and editor of
EamesDesigns Daniel Ostroff, who will point out some of the gems in this fascinating collection, and talk about the book which is being published about the show."

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941 North Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038 USA