"I'm shape-shifting from place to place,
bending time, curving space"

Jean Michael Frank
Jochen Weber

Have you ever wanted to believe something so much,
that you actually believed it?

"A cousin of Anna Frank, author of the celebrated “diary”, Jean-Michael Frank was born into a well-to-do Parisian family. Before working as an interior designer, he travelled at length around the world, an experience which profoundly influenced his work. Frank practiced his trade as an interior designer with enormous success. A relatively new concept for the time, interior design distinguished itself from both architecture and industrial design. Among Frank's patrons were some of the most renowned personages of his age, from poet René Crevel to artists such as Giacometti, Dalì, Bérard, Paul Eluard, Louis Aragon and Nelson Rockefeller.

In 1939 he was forced to leave Paris to avoid Nazi persecution, taking refuge first in Argentina and then in the USA, where he died tragically, committing suicide as his brother had already done in Paris. His style – defined as “poor luxurious” or simply “Frank style” – was highly successful during the 1930s and ’40s, and still today remains a benchmark for contemporary interior design. His furniture are elegant and rigorous, sophisticated in its use of materials yet simple in its classic, refined lines." (here)

sculpture by Jochen Weber, via here.....
2 lamps by Jean Michael Frank, BAC Gallery.