chasing light into "the nothingness."

Uta Barth
: "a mantra that allows us to tune into the subtlest, most ephemeral information that I am trying to chase down."
"Quincy Jones-designed house in Beverly Hills' Trousdale Estates "

1. Uta Barth 27 Oct 2011 - 22 Dec 2011

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
is pleased to present a remarkable group of new works by Uta Barth. As the artist's ninth solo exhibition with the gallery, this show will bring together two of Barth's latest series of color photographs within the main floor exhibition spaces. This series is installed in the main gallery space as a sequence of diptych and triptych paneled photographs that trace a growing ribbon of light against the curtains of the artist's home. Created over the course of a single afternoon, this project follows a distinct chronology that diverges from the circular nature of her earlier series.

Here, Barth captures glimpses of the ephemeral as it exists between two fixed points in time, beginning with the very first sliver of light that snakes across her textured curtains and culminating in large ribbons that fill the final frame. Despite this sequential ordering, however, these photographs do not invite a linear narrative. Rather, they coalesce to transform observations as simple as a ray of afternoon sunlight into a lyrical description of the passage of time, heightening our awareness of such subtleties and, in turn, the process of looking itself."(here)

2. "The Cox-Arquettes put some work into the place--architect Cory Buckner, who's known for her work on the Jones/Whitney Smith-designed Crestwood Hills tract in Brentwood, did a "Complete house remodel," according to her website. That included: "bedrooms reconfigured with new hall, new kitchen, all new finish materials and outdoor Fireorb fireplace." The house sits on nine-tenths of an acre and has that totally killer swimming pool featured in Architectural Digest back in 1974."