the altered Paris living room vs Robert Irwin

There may be such a thing as a universal or “high” art—it’s certainly a pretty idea—but it’s not the reality of our everyday world. In fact, everything is subject to fluctuating sets of conditions that in themselves are not static, and this dynamic of a world of qualities is the stuff of real-time perception."
- Robert Irwin

“Perceiving yourself perceiving” vs "when colors begin to fade"

"The museum is an old, old model that was set up essentially to deal with objects.
You and I are not object makers; we’re dealing with experiential processes. The museum structure is geared toward a particular kind of art making, which represents a particular set of values. What we’re proposing is another set of values." - Robert Irwin

"I very much like the idea that you aren’t led through something or told where to go, but instead are given a continuous set of qualitative choices. The choices are not dictatorial in any way. You’re the one who has to make them. You’re put in this position of actually constructing the aesthetics of the experience as you go, because each time youmake a choice you change the nature of the experience." - Robert Irwin

all text taken from here...
Robert Irwin Way Out West September 17 - October 22, 2011 at L + M Arts, Los Angeles....
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Living in Style Paris, Caroline Sarkozy,altered for sake of perception.