"I knew I would end up in the desert living a somewhat experimental life,
more than I knew I would end up being an artist."

"For the last fifteen years I’ve been exploring landscape through the intersections of territory, commoditization, and identification."

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel
, and artist based out of Joshua Tree, California, has 2 shows open in September 2011. Lay of My Land at Magasin 3 in Stockholm and the other at Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

Then in October, High Desert Test Site launches another year:

"To create a “center” outside of any preexisting centers. We are inspired by individuals and groups working outside of existing cultural capitals, who are able to make intellectually rigorous and culturally relevant work in whatever location they happen to be in.

 To find common ground between contemporary art and localized art issues."

"The American artist Andrea Zittel was born in California in 1965. She is most closely associated with the remarkable utopian structures she calls living systems, which explore what we humans need for our survival in different ways. Andrea Zittel’s projects are deeply rooted in her own daily life and her work delves into many different fields such as architecture, painting, photography, design, textiles, needlework and cooking. For over two decades her experiments have included dressing in the same home-sewn uniform for months on end, exploring restrictions in living space by living on an artificial island and living without measured time.

At the beginning of the last decade she moved from New York back to California where she founded A-Z West, a space where she has created minimal households in which the everyday activities such as sleeping, eating, cooking and socializing become artistic actions. The fall exhibition at Magasin 3 focuses on ideas related to A-Z West." (text taken from here)

Andrea Zittel "A-Z Wagon Station customized by Carolyn Castano" at A-Z West 2005