"We consciously aimed for simplicity - in planning, use of light and air, building organization and circulation - because it is our expereicne that simplicity leads to economy, efficiency, and improved performance."

- Thomas Phifer and Partners

"We really seek to open buildings up again…to nature and to the sun, to the sound of the wind; to bring back that sense of nature which is part of architecture.” via ArchDaily interview here

"Thomas Phifer and Partners is recognized for its distinct transformation of modernism. The essence of timeless buildings—simplicity—is achieved through thoughtful responses to the natural environment, study of the human ecology of the site, and a search for appropriate modes of construction, which dictate the forms, spaces, and appearance of buildings. The firm believes that every structure should occupy a harmonious place within its surroundings by balancing human needs and environmental imperatives. This book explores all of Phifer’s major commissions, including Salt Point House in New York, Salt Lake City Courthouse, and his most recent achievement, the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, which opens in April 2010. "

above images are selected from Thomas Phifer and Partners site here...