when a chair became a sculpture
became a chandelier.

"We are artists; we do things for no particular reason – no particular purpose. It’s like painting on a white canvas – you cover it with paint; there is no reason to explain why you want to cover it with paint, or why you use blue and yellow or other colors... But for us there is a reason and it’s always the same one: We want to create a work of art, of joy and beauty

-Interview with artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude (full interview here..)

These days ropes are everywhere in design. Hanging loose, or hanging tight. Restricting or holding us up! Lindsey Adelman's rope chandeliers bring me so much joy, they appear effortless. Especially if they were to hang above a Christo chair. I'm still disappointed I didn't get the chance to meet Christo when he was here in L.A. last year.

Tie me up! Tie me down!

Tie me down! Tie me around, oh my!

1. Christo,Packed Arm Chair, 1965/65

2. 2010 knotty bubles. Heavily inspired by Japanese packaging and maritime culture, Knotty Bubbles is a sculptural light made of hand-blown glass globes tied together with knotted rope. The hand- made nature of the Knotty Bubbles ensures that each is a unique piece. The Knotty Bubble Collection is designed by Lindsey Adelman in collaboration with studio Creative Director Bec Brittain, glass artist Michiko Sakano, and designer Kristin Barron. these are prodcued by Roll and Hill, a fantastic lighting resource.

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"If others want to accumulate money, that’s fine with us. Our aim is different and very specific: We only want to build art. For us, money is like manure. It is good only if you spread it around; only if it helps you do what you want to do."

- Jean Claude...