"We were determined not to make the house into something it was never intended to be."
"Memories floating out of the wall plane"

- Alison Sky, SITE Architecture, from Metropolitan Places

"As a way to further link the past of the house with that of its current owner, SITE decided to install actual objects that somehow relate to her distant or recent past in some of the walls. In SITE's conception, the walls act as a skin, a delicate membrane that separates and links the past and the present."

taken from Metropolitan Places, by Elizabeth Heyert
inspired and reminded by the 2thewalls.

thinking of Rachel Whiteread sculptures today, go here..

Rachel Whiteread: "For me, Apartment has a lot to do with figuring out how to cast a many-roomed apartment and show the space where the walls were between the rooms. When I made House [1993], we had to leave the actual walls and floors in place. We could not knock them out. But with Apartment, everything was cast around the architectural elements and the casts were removed in sections. So when you look at the piece, there is a space between the rooms where the wall once was. We did an awful lot of casting for six months in order to make this space. The engineering and crazy gymnastic backward thinking that was needed to be able to make the piece was remarkable. That's really how I think about it. "