i wanted you to feel the same
i wanted you to feel the same

Robert Morris
Olivie Mourgue

"Olivier Mourgue created an entire natural landscape with rivers, carpets that ressembled earth- grass- and other natural floor coverings, modular movable rooms."

I was totally unaware that Robert Morris was still making these felt works. Yesterday I received an email with this 2010 image from Sprüth Magers in Berlin: long draping felt, heavy, substantial curves that make me weak at the knees. For those heading to Basel next week, Sprüth Magers is in Hall 2.0 | Booth B 9. Curious to know if there will be more felt works there.


"A certain mental energy and obsessive, single-minded concentration, bordering on a kind of possession, is addressed to questioning the premises of sculpture. This goes along with an increasing negativity toward and incapacity for personal relations. I move further into a kind of semi-autistic space which excludes the other. Such a space is familiar from childhood where it was constantly denied. Only the inanimate object is alive for me in these years, and making objects becomes my bulwark against the threat of the other, and every other is regarded as threatening, especially those who would try to get close to me. But I want more than the object. I want a totalizing, enclosing space within which I exist with the object. I want to fashion a conceptual, mental, psychological and physical space. I want to make a world within which I alone move amongst my objects."

Robert Morris interview... please read the entire interview here.


Olivier Mourgue
's most fabulous yet most unknown complete interior design project was made for Visiona by Bayer AG. From 1968 until 1972 (estimate), Bayer AG hired the most talented designers to create an entire futuristic display on board of a ship in Cologne, Germany. Each year, a different designer was hired. Joe Colombo made Visiona in 1969. Verner Panton made Visiona in 1970, Olivier Mourgue made Visiona in 1971 and as far as we know, Jack Lenor Larsen created the last Visiona, either in 1972 or 1974. in 1971, Bayer AG hired Olivier Mourgue for the complete interior installation of Visiona.

During Visiona, Olivier Mourgue created an entire natural landscape with rivers, carpets that ressembled earth- grass- and other natural floor coverings, modular movable rooms. It was the most relaxing environment that was ever created during Visiona. Olivier Mourgue who had always been very close to nature, tried and successfully succeeded to implement nature in most of the Visiona. The Visiona of Olivier Mourgue was a Utopia where man and nature lived side by side in peace.

It was a wonderful experience to be there at that time and Olivier Mourgue's Visiona was one of the most memorable interior installations that were ever created. In 1976, Olivier Mourgue closed his studio in moved to Bretagne, France where he became a professor at the school of Fine Arts in Brest. Olivier Mourgue currently lives Plouguiel, a small town in Bretagne, France. Every once in a while he displays his art in Brest, France.

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