Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 23

Walter Van Beirendonck
, fashion designer, artist
"my collection AVATAR was inspired by this book!"

Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson

While stuck in Munich due to snow, Walter Van Beirendonck writes:

"The book that inspired me enormously and which introduced me to the new digital worlds, is now probably dated, but i loved it than,back in (i think) 1992. It was called SNOWCRASH. My collection AVATAR was inspired by the book! I'm writing this mail on Munich-airport,waiting for a delayed flight dued to the SNOW! ....another kind of snowcrash!"


plot summary taken from here...

"The story begins and ends in Los Angeles, which is no longer part of what is left of the United States, during the early 21st century. In this hypothetical future reality the federal government of the United States has ceded most of its power to private organizations and entrepreneurs. Franchising, individual sovereignty and private vehicles reign (along with drug trafficking, violent crime, and traffic congestion). Mercenary armies compete for national defense contracts while private security guards preserve the peace in gated, sovereign housing developments.

Highway companies compete to attract drivers to their roads rather than the competitors', and all mail delivery is by hired courier. The remnants of government maintain authority only in isolated compounds where they transact tedious make-work that is, by and large, irrelevant to the dynamic society around them."


Walter Van Beirendonck
is considered to be one of the main trend-setters in men’s fashion by the professional press. His designs are very recognisable by either strong graphics or innovating cuts and unexpected colour combinations.

Walter works besides the collections, regularly on projects: Designing costumes for theater, ballet and film, curating expositions, designing objects, think-thank for commercial projects and products,image-making for pop-groups, illustrating books, designing commercial collections... Walter is buyer for the 'Walter'-store and co-curator for the 'Window'-gallery.

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