Otto Zitko
destiny of the line.
"painting is dead for me, too"

At first we started out real cool, (cool)
Taking me places i ain't never been
But now your getting comfortable
Ain't doing those things that you did no more.....

"When Otto Zitko stopped painting in the late eighties, this act did not reflect a kind of manifesto – something along the lines of "painting is dead for me, too"; he did not abandon painting, thus seemingly transcending it, the decision was paradoxically based on the self-critical and purifying reason that the only way to further develop painting is to pursue the line.

The artist was not concerned with a kind of graphism as a fundamentalist ideology after the end of painting; much rather, Zitko uses the long way of the line (the title of a 1987 drawing) to leave a trace that precedes all painting. He prioritised drawing, which to him is the current form of painting, the flow of the continuous line, while ruling out that he is finally rejecting conventional painting."

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lyric by destiny's child...
"so good"