matt connors
new work
at Canada!

installation of current show, You Don't Know.

"Some of these emblems are gleaned from everyday usage and seem oddly familiar. Some of them are mysterious and open the door to the possibility of private meanings. Exploring the idiosyncrasies of personal vision while directing the viewer in a loose, yet insistent way, Connors’ paintings elicit an emotional and visceral response while at the same time allowing for a range of intellectual questions. It has been suggested that Connors’ pictures are not so much abstract paintings as paintings of abstract paintings. In some sense this is true, yet, at the same time, Connors' paintings have a not-to-be overlooked handmade aspect that thoroughly grounds viewer and object in their own space."

- taken from cherry & martin, here...

new work matt connors

You Don’t Know,
October 22 – November 21

at Canada Gallery

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX (upcoming)
Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin, Germany (upcoming)