M. Design Interiors
Los Angeles

A friend reminded me today of how much I enjoy looking at the

designs of Molly Luetkemeyer, founder of M. Design Interiors based here in Los Angeles.
Take some time and discover her work. Go here...


Molly Luetkemeyer founded M. Design Interiors in 2001. From the outset, her mission has been to guide her clients to create personal, comfortable, chic homes that reflect their needs and particular tastes. Luetkemeyer's mantra is that no one should live in a showroom or someone else's house. If you are a family of four with young kids, you probably don't need the bar front and center (although she'll happily make sure it's tucked away for decompressing once parental duties are done!). Inspired by a range of sources from modern and contemporary art to nature, fashion and vintage design books, Luetkemeyer has developed an expressive, lively, fresh style all her own.

She takes a unique approach to each project, combining her personal inspiration with a thorough understanding of each client's needs. Her creative style has earned her a place on House Beautiful's list of Top 100 Designers in America four years running.