"Let's make clouds."
- Andy Warhol
(the silver lining effect)

August 4, 2010: Prop 8 repealed in California
! (we are floating today.)
August 5, 2010: Andy Warhol's 82nd birthday.

1966, Silver Clouds,
by Andy Warhol.
happy birthday mr. warhol....

"Exhibited in 1966 at the Leo Castelli Gallery, Silver Clouds created an ethereal, joyful atmosphere, and challenged traditional expectations of art by mingling with and touching the viewer. Kluver's knowledge of technology helped bring Warhol's vision to life.

The engineer recalls that their original plan was to somehow make floating light bulbs but that when his research group at Bell Labs showed Warhol a sample of the material scotchpak—a metalized plastic film made by 3M that could be heat-sealed, he is reported to have said, "Let's make clouds." The clouds, filled with helium and oxygen, floated through the gallery on air currents, bumping into each other and into viewers in the space.